Cardiac rehabilitation, popularly known as cardiac rehab, is a medically supervised rehabilitation program designed to improve the recovery and the functionality of your heart after experiencing a heart condition. The program typically includes the customized exercise routine and support in adopting the simple lifestyle changes that positively impact the recovery process and help in maintaining a healthy heart.

Life after undergoing a heart condition would be stressful and there are many chances for the individual to drift away into depression. The tailored plans by the cardiac rehabilitation experts establish a clear path for regaining strength, reducing the risk of heart issues in the future and for enhancing the quality of life in all aspects.

Who could benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs?

  • People who recently have had a cardiac event such as heart attack or heart failure
  • Individuals who have had a cardiac procedure such as angioplasty or heart surgery

How to pick the Best Cardiac Rehabilitation for you?

The quality of your rehabilitation entirely depends on the rehab center that you are picking. Being multi-disciplinary with experienced physicians, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Nutritionist , social worker and support medical staff is the typical characteristic of the best rehabilitation center and the ideal rehab program plan is devised after carefully analyzing the individual’s needs. 

Here are a few points you should consider before choosing the cardiac physical therapy center that helps you in forging a life that full of wellness.

  • The doctor’s reference is required to enter the program
  • The program should be physician-led
  • The rehabilitation experts should be specially trained or certified in cardiac rehab in particular
  • The rehabilitation methods and the risk factors need to be explained in an understanding manner
  • The facility should be equipped with all the advanced equipment

 Rehabilitation for Cardiac Conditions

The duration of cardiac rehabilitation depends on the health condition of the individuals. The rehab team includes Physician, Physiotherapist occupational therapists and, exercise, nutrition and mental health specialists. The following are the stages involved in cardiac rehabilitation.

  • Evaluation of Medical Condition – The rehab program team thoroughly evaluates the physical ability, mental health and lifestyle aspects to design the effective rehab plan. The initial evaluation also focuses on the complications of heart, risk factors and on the individual needs.
  • Physical Activity – The activities in the program are intended to improve your cardiovascular fitness. The team may suggest you the low impact exercises first and gradually increase the intensity of the activities after thoroughly evaluating the response from the body. Minding the risk factors and your body responsiveness, the rehab care team suggest you the muscle strengthening exercises and brain activities that boost up your mental health. 
  • Lifestyle Education – The team may suggest healthy lifestyle changes that complement the activities that you are performing. The education includes a healthy diet routine, ideal sleep time and hours, healthy habits and useful techniques to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Support in All Aspects of Life – The rehabilitation helps you to find a way to reconnect with your life by touching all aspects of life. The team understands that encountering a cardiac condition not only deters the physical health but also the mental and social life. This is the reason the program panel consists of experienced psychologist who could support you throughout the rehabilitation phase.

 You are expected to stick to the suggested diet routine and lifestyle even after completing the rehabilitation program. Keeping yours Join us to know the importance of the Community Integration approaches in the rehabilitation setup. Call us on 044 – 48656108, 48656518 or write to us at for registration.