Chronic pain is often experienced by most people after surgery, injury and illness. This is likely to cause prescription drug dependence or addiction to over-the-counter medicines which are detrimental to our health in the long run. Surviving with continuous pain also impacts all aspects of our life-be it emotional, social or physical. Severe pain affects our personal relationships, employment capabilities, and even our daily routines.

Persistent pain should not be ignored and left untreated. It can have devastating consequences like social isolation, mental anxiety, and depression, drug abuse or even suicidal attempts! Rehabilitation plays a vital role in pain management as it uses an integrative approach including medication, physical therapy, support group activities, and individual counselling. This not only provides relief from aches but also relieves mental stress which is very crucial for a patient in the healing process.

Earlier, Pain Management in India was not sufficiently well-developed to handle post-treatment care. With growing awareness on the importance of good rehabilitation after hospitalization or chronic sickness, the number of patients availing rehabilitating procedures and therapy is increasing by the day. India, a popular destination for Medical Tourism, now attracts millions of foreigners who seek such treatments because of the affordable rates and highly promising results.

Chennai, the capital of the Indian state Tamil Nadu, offers state-of-art medical healthcare facilities and medical expertise.  Let us explore the healthcare services for pain management and rehabilitation procedures done here, at JH rehabilitation.

Pain Management in Chennai

There are very few highly specialized and renowned Pain and Stroke Rehabilitation Centres in Chennai, that offer exclusive and exemplary follow-up care services. Here, Rehabilitation involves a holistic and comprehensive approach to treat various medical conditions including bone and joint problems and therapeutic interventions, for brain and spinal injuries, stroke, trauma and a host of other conditions in cardiac, neuro-degeneration, pulmonary and rheumatological cases.

Rehabilitation may be categorised as:

  • Pain Rehabilitation – Bone- related (orthopaedic) problems are increasing substantially today due to sedentary lifestyles and may not be only age specific. It encompasses a variety of issues that can damage the muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, and cartilage. Though it may originate initially as mild pain, negligence can lead to dangerous outcomes including permanent disabilities, deformities and low productivity. A comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment approach, personalised to the patient’s physical, psychological and social needs, is given for regaining a normal lifestyle. Examples of such specialised services include Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation, Back Pain Rehabilitation, and treatments for knee and neck pain.
  • Treatment approach – Chronic pain problems can lead to lower levels of physical activity and reduced fitness levels. The therapy approach is a potential intervention which addresses the aspects of pain, disability, physical functioning and quality of living. Physiotherapy or physical therapy, one of its vital components, includes exercises for stretching, strength development, body resistance, and aerobics. This aids in walking, balancing activities, conditioning, improving posture, reducing stiffness and inflammation for preventing muscle atrophy. Intervention given by JH rehabilitation, one of the renowned Physiotherapy Clinics in Chennai, is exclusively beneficial for treating orthopaedic conditions. Physiotherapy is also a vital part of the multi-disciplinary approach for treating rheumatologic, paediatric, neuro-degenerative and polytrauma conditions and brain and spine injury cases.

Other supporting therapies in rehabilitation are-

  • Occupational Therapy for training patients to independently perform daily living activities
  • Psychology for addressing mood issues such as depression, anxiety and sleeping difficulty using various techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy and psychotherapy.

  Aside from various rehabilitation therapies used for pain, other treatments include

  • Pain medications
  • Injections
  • Nerve and spinal cord stimulators
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation

Please contact us for availing comprehensive, physician monitored interdisciplinary, affordable and quality care in the following Paint Management and Rehabilitation services –

  • Physiotherapy in Chennai
  • Occupational Therapy in Chennai
  • Psychologist Counselling
  • Pain medications
  • Injections and
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation