Injuries and surgeries have become very common in the recent years. The recovery from injuries take different treatments and methods for complete cure. Part of the recovery process is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation helps restore the lost functional ability back to the individual. This requires consistent and persistent efforts with the guidance of experienced therapists such as Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech-Language pathologists and Neuropsychologists. Rehabilitation is not limited to recovering from certain habits or illnesses. It also includes recuperation from prolonged acute or chronic diseases. “Rehab” should not be a stigma on the road to good health and recovery.



There are very few rehabilitation centres in Chennai that provides a wide range of post treatment care. Among those that do, daily supervision of a patient by a Physician who specializes in Rehabilitation is lacking. We are a physician-led centre, that provides a comprehensive care involving various therapies and takes an interdisciplinary approach (i.e. care being provided by various therapies in a coordinated fashion). We are the first in the nation to introduce a community reintegration program called “EMPOWER”.Community reintegration can be defined as “the state where the individual controls and directs his own life by independently participating in activities including education and meaningful employment”.The goal is to integrate every member that is part of the program back into the community and be a productive member. Our rehabilitation centre in Chennai provides quality services at a reasonable cost.

Our Four Pillars of Rehabilitation


Physician LED Interdisciplinary Care

Community Integration

Quality Services at Affordable Cost




We treat a wide range of conditions from mild orthopaedic conditions such as joint pain to disabling neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. We specialize in brain injury rehabilitation and spinal cord injury treatment. Each condition and each patient are treated differently. We primarily use various therapies, orthosis, adaptive types of equipment, and assistive devices to treat patients however medications and injections are also used for neurological and orthopedic conditions to maximize recovery. Details about each condition and its treatment can be seen under respective sections.

Some of our specialized services include the following

  • Vision rehabilitation using Nova vision
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT)
  • Dysphagia (Swallow) rehabilitation using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)
  • Arm/Hand rehabilitation using Mirror Therapy and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)
  • Gait rehabilitation using Body Weight Support Treadmill (BWST) training
  • Coma/Arousal stimulation therapy for patients with disorders of consciousness (i.e. coma, vegetative state, and minimally conscious state)
  • Neuromodulation for brain injury recovery using Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, and psychopharmacological medications
  • Injections for spasticity (muscle tightness) such as Botulinum toxin (Botox), motor point blocks, and nerve blocks.
  • Other treatments such as Intrathecal Baclofen (Baclofen Pump) trial (testing), management and troubleshooting.



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JH Rehabilitation
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vikram kumarvikram kumar
17:50 29 Sep 23
Started my rehab in jh from may 1I am a stroke patient with paralyzed left side from the day of assessment every one there have been accommodating to my individual needs assessment taken by Raja , Karthik raj and Monika mam for physio after assessment gita mam makes schedules as per individual needs as for me couple of extra sessionsis needed, every day physiotherapy is done by uvais he is so patient in treating me helping me and correcting me each and every step of my way otherphysio therapists anbu sir karthi sir Monika mam also give their input during work out to make my recovery effective , after physio occupational therapist perumal takes over my rehab costomizing excercise for my hands helping in it's movement from the day i came to jh have seen considerable improvement which is constantly checked and noted by doctor Jacob and anbu sir and they change the routine time to time depending on my improvement in short they have a great team to helpme get back in my feet
Jagadish ParthasarathyJagadish Parthasarathy
09:53 26 Sep 23
I had spine surgery in July 2022. I started therapy with JH as suggested by a renowned hospital neurologist. My OT therapist is Perumal and PT therapist is Karthikraj. Both are very knowledgeable, and I have made good progress since then. I would definitely recommend JH.
anusha sarahanusha sarah
08:47 14 Aug 23
I have been going to Jh rehabilitation centre for almost a year after being diagnosed with acute Bell’s palsy. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.Highly recommend this place for anyone seeking physiotherapy .
Rads madsRads mads
07:01 10 Aug 23
Really a great place for physiotherapy. All their physiotherapists are very knowledgeable and experienced. They understand clearly what the patient is going through. Overall a very pleasant experience.
Ambihai K SelvakumarAmbihai K Selvakumar
11:51 27 Jul 23
VanakkamThank you for your help. Vignesh was very caring, friendly, knowledgeable, effective physiotherapist. We were 100% satisfied with his excellent service provided and his approach. Booking and admission process was also very quick and customer friendly. Thank you